Hi! Tomorrow I’ll be off for a trainingscamp with our team until Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it, it’ll be fun to see everyone again! So right now I’m organising my university things before I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s soo much to do! Everyone told me: „It’s so easy to work out a lot when you are studying at the university!“ Haha.. What? Didn’t notice that yet! My life will be gone soon.. working out twice a day, studying and more studying.. Let’s see how I’ll be able to manage that, or if I’m panicking unnecessarily at the moment.. I don’t know.. The first step is always the hardest and I need to find my good old rhythm again, which I had last year at school. Yeah well, it’s a huge difference between school and univeristy, especially when you went to a school like me where you learnt like.. nothing.. No I learnt a little bit maybe, but I guess not that much, anyway I had a lot of time to work out there, which was the meaning because it was a sport school, which was really cool hehe.
I’m looking forward to studying though, it’s not a problem it’s a challenge.. So here we go 🙂



Picture from last years trainingscamp