Superfood Spirulina

Superfood? Yes, a sort of food that contains so many nutrients and vitamints that all the supplements from the pharmacy are unnecessary. It’s food, so of course it’s better because well, it’s a plant and all natural.

When talking about superfoods you can often hear Spirulina, a microalgae which has a wide range of health benefits.

  • has about 300% more calcium than milk
  • it’s high in protein
  • contains essential omega fatty acids (3,6 & 9), chlorophyll, vitamins A, B complex, E and C
  • It detoxify heavy metals and balance the immunce system, giving more energy and enhancing digestion.

The algae contains phytochemicals, which are great for removing toxins from your body, helping the circulation and preventing abnormal cell divison that leads to cancer.

Spirulina is available in tablet and powder form and is a great addition to adults, children, athletes and everyday diets.
I use it in my green smoothies, the taste is unusal and strange, but very good in smoothies or juices.


Source: The whole pantry app