Hi wonderful people! I’m back in my hometown at my parents‘ again.
In the morning I practised car driving with my Dad, since I haven’t taken my driving license yet. I think it’s such a boring thing, how can people like car driving? Sitting there, staring at the street, trying to be concentrated all the time and paying attention to others who are either driving like crazy or sometimes I think they don’t even know that they are driving a car.  I used to be so so sooo nervous when I drived the first times, but now it’s getting better. When the driving instructur sits next to me I actually feel really save, because if I made a mistake or cause an accident, I’d be his fault (hehe). But sitting next to my dad is much more scary. If I cause an accicent, it’s MY fault and my dad doesn’t have extra pedals so he could help me.. That’s why I used to be so nervous 😉
One day I woke up and I was sore in my abs and I had no idea why I did feel so stiff.. Then I went back into the car practising and I could feel were my soreness came from.. Nervous little me was so tensed the whole time that I got sore in my abs, so when I get my driving license I will have abs of steel hehe 😀
We drove to the local lake because it was such a beautiful day and my dad likes to photograph the nature. 🙂