Believe in yourself!

Sunday was race day again! The race was in Germany and I’m still not sure if the Germans are so fast in swimming or if I was just really slow. 😀
Anyway, I thought the swim was okay, but at first i wasn’t that fast. I fought with an Italian girl but after a few minutes I got so annoyed because she always swam into me instead of swimming right next to me or behind me. So I decided to try to swim faster aaaand it worked easily. I cought up with a few girls right infront of me. Even during the cycling I cought up with more girls and then we were a fast group of four! Even the run went good and I finished second in my age group. 🙂

What was the difference to other races? I believed more in myself! Selfconfidence is key, but I’ve never been good in that „believe in yourself“ thing when it came to triathlon races! I guess I’ve learned it know, with the help of family, coach and boyfriend and experience. I just thought: „Why not? Try to go faster, there’s nothing to lose!“ and it worked! So I recommend everyone to be more selfconfident and to believe in yourself! 🙂

„Believe in yourself when no one else will!“