Hi everyone! I’m back from my trainingscamp and it was really cool! We worked out 3 times a day, but not that hard, just to get used to everything again and organising/planning season 2014.
The training, the people and everything was great, except… the food! Yeah, we all now how much I don’t like it, if I can’t eat properly! I had a stomach ache like.. 24h a day? I don’t know.. But it really did hurt after every meal, except after breakfast, but this was just simple bread and cheese or something, so you can’t do anything wrong with that hehe.. The best meal was a bought chocolate from the local grocery store, which everyone reaaally enjoyed 😀

So today I am starting my breakfast with a simple oatmeal topped with all the goodies I had at home. Yuuum!! 🙂



Oats, cooked in the microwave, topped with frozen berries, almonds, almond butter, coconut, banana and goji berries 🙂