Everyday is a good day!


Hi everyone! I got this nice reader question about „How can I stay so positive all the time?“
First of all, I’m not positive everyday 24 hours, I don’t think this is even possible for anyone.
On the other hand, it really IS possible to stay positive almost all of the time!

So how is it possible?
Easy 🙂

  • First of all: worry less! I read in a book that 90% (!) of our worries are unnecessary! We use to think too much, worry too much, but every problem can be solved, just think positive and more clearly. It’s never a problem, it’s a new challenge!
  • Suround yourself with uplifting and encouraging people! It’s easier to be happy if you stick to nice people.
  • Treat everyone one the same way you wish to be treated. How do you feel if people are unfriendly and mean? Not good? So don’t be that person no one wants to be with!
  • Don’t live in the past, everyone makes mistakes, everyone made wrong decisions, but it was YOUR decision, so you have to live with it and accept it. We can’t change the past, so don’t think about it that much anymore, instead learn from it!
  • Live in the moment! Enjoy your day, smile, laugh, be happy, do things which makes you happy right now!
  • Love yourself first! Take care of your body, make time for yourself, be happy with yourself!
  • Be optimistic! If you think you’ll have a bad meeting, a bad race or write a bad mark, it really will be bad! So tell yourself instead everytime: ‚I can do this‚, believe it and the next time it will be much better! 🙂
  • Most important: Do what you love! If you don’t like you job, quit.. if you don’t like to run, go and swim.. You’ve always wanted to try this yoga course? Then make time for it and do it! If there’s something that doesn’t make you happy, then simply don’t do it! Don’t feel ashamed and never think about what others think! Believe me, this could make a huuuge difference in your life! It’s important that YOU feel good about the things you are doing. It’s not important what others think as long you are happy! 🙂
  • Life is great, never forget that!

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