Nature's medicine


I think the picture speaks for itself!

I prefer healthy food to supplements, because, well, its food, foods with concentrated and exceptionally higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a plant form. Everyone knows how healthy and good fruits and veggies are, but there are more superfoods out there which can be found in organic food stores and I always have at home. Raw cacao, goji berries and chia seeds are just a few examples of superfoods.
The goji berry is used to boost immune function, improve eyesight and skin healt. It cleanses the blood and supports organ function. Cacao is one of the only foods in the world that is a real mineral supplement, high in essential minerals like iron, magnesium (for heart health and muscle function), chromium and zinc. The naturally occuring chemicals in cacao balances brain chemistry, are a mood enhancer and anti-depressant. Chia is noted as a potential treatment against type-2 diabetes, high in protein and fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, high in manganese and phosphores making it great for bone, oral and teeth health. The amino acids in chia seeds regulates mood, improves sleep and promotes healthy weight.
(Infos from the whole pantry app)

I love nourishing my body right, if you’ve been used to unhealty food, you’ll feel a difference for sure! Being sick less often and feeling great are just another two great reasons to live healthy! 🙂



Goji berries


Chia seeds