Life as a triathlete or 'when you body hates you'

I know, I didn’t write much the last couple weeks, so long story in short words 🙂

The last trainingscamp was really hard and we had lots of fun, even though I had some problemes with myself/ my body. The first day didn’t go very well and the next day was even worse.. I felt completely dizzy and my head was spinning all the time. I couldn’t finish two workouts because I felt so bad, I didn’t know what happend and was really scared and angry at the same time.
The next day was better, until I slipped on the ice during the running session. I fell hard on my knee, which was already hurt often before (typically I always fell on this knee), so another workout I couldn’t finish. The last day was a lot better and I felt really good.

The next days, back in Graz, went on pretty well, even when orking out and hurting myself have become a good combination I got used too. (tripped again while running, hurt my finger during a swim session and so on.. too many things do write down haha 😛 ) Yes, sometimes I really think my body hates me because sunch things happen all the time 🙂