Hey! I just got home from the gym, I worked on my legs, glutes and abs. I usually don’t work on my abs, but I’m starting today to work more on my core. I love strength training so much! It’s a great variety to all the cardio training I am doing as a triathlete and it’s almost relaxing. No, just kidding, of course it’s really exhausting when you are doing it right, but it will never be as exhausting as an run/swim intervall training (which can take up to 2h), so yes, I really enjoy doing strength training 😀
Next week my training schedule will start ‚for real‘. Of course I worked out a lot the last weeks too, but only swimming and cycling and strength, but next week I’m gonna start running regularly again! My injury is doing quite well, it’s still a little swollen and I can’t stretch it 100% yet, but I can run, which means lots of running again 🙂
I won’t do that much strength training (with weights) anymore, ‚only‘ twice a week (with or without weights, depends on what my coach says). Even when it’s not that exhausting during a lifting session, it’s very tiring the next day, sometimes I couldn’t even run.. So more running means less weights. 🙂