It's a hill, get over it!

I spent the weekend with my family in Kitzbühel to watch the ITU Triathlon Worldcup on saturday and to take part in the youth race on sunday.

„Hahnenkamm Mountain is famous for hosting what is considered the hardest downhill ski race in the world, triathletes will be challenged to climb its sister peak, the Kitzbühel Horn mountain in what had be called one of the toughest triathlon courses ever set . The Austrian Alps provide the opportune background to host a trying course that is largely uphill.
The 2013 race will break from the traditional sprint or standard distance that athletes are used to seeing in ITU races. After completing a 750m swim, triathletes will cycle through the village and then begin an ascent of 867 meters over 11.5km of hairpin mountain roads before facing another 136-meter incline on the 2.5km run. The bike climb reaches gradients of 22.3 % – set among one of the most spectacular backdrops in Europe.“ – Homepage ITU World Triathlon Series

I enjoyed watching the professionals, so impressive tough guys!
I was even motivated for my own race the next day, but it didn’t go that good. I always enjoy taking part in the Kitzbühel race, but this time it just turned out horrible! After the warm up, I already felt dizzy, but didn’t take it so serious (stupid me, I know). Anyway I was still looking forward to the race!
The swim was really bad and the cycling was even worse. After the third cycling round I didn’t know what happend, I just felt so unbelievable dizzy that I couldn’t even cycle straight! The only option was to go off the bike and lie down in the grass before I’d crash somewhere. My hands were trembling like an aspen leaf and my ears hurt. I have no idea what happend!
When the ambulance came, the first thing they said was: „Oh, are you already smiling again?“ – „Well, I’m embarassed, it’s so awkward that the ambulance needs to pick me up, that has never happend before!“

Arrived at home, everything was okay again, I just need to see a doctor because of my ears (they always hurt after swimming in the cold water) and I think my iron in the blood is very low again. Well, I was quite desperate but back on track again and working on my selfconfidence! 🙂



The worldcup course




Me, somewhere in the middle of the mess