Immune system chief

Hi everyone! Somedays I have no idea what my body is actually doing! On friday I woke up feeling sick and tired and I had a sore throat, but in the afternoon it already got better. Then on Saturday I felt sooo much better already! At night I met some friends and on sunday I still felt okay! I did not work out this three days because I knew, if I’d workout while I’m not feeling 100% fit, I would get really sick the next days/week.
So first on monday I went back into the water, but only for 1 hour.  I did not feel 100% healthy but fit enough to workout a little, even my ankle felt good after a 3days rest. Maybe my body just wanted me to take a break.. I was really surprised that I got better that fast and even my mum said on the telephone: „Wow, you sounded so sick on friday and now you are healthy again!“ Yesss! Sometimes it really pays off to eat a little extra healthy to get a strong immune system! 😉