Hejdå Sverige!

Sayin‘ goodbye to a beautiful country, nice people and new experiences! I feel so blessed to be part of it and that I can call myself a Swede too!

What I’m gonna miss the most are the friendly and open-minden people! Just a little exapmle:
We were standing at the railway station, asking the conducter if the train to the left was the right one. A very nice smiling face looked at us and answerd: „Yes, it is. Do you need more help? Do you know were your seats are? I’ll show you!“

Back in Austria/Germany we were standing at the trailway station again, same situation, same question. The conducter didn’t even look at us and answerd with a simple: „Mhm yes!“ He was very pissed off and unfriendly!

In my opinion we should only treat people in the same way how we want them to treat us! I don’t like unfriendly people, so why should I be unfriendly to others if I don’t even like it? Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.
If you don’t like your job or if you are stressed, do something about it! Don’t be mad at others! 🙂