Happy Women's Day


Here’s to the woman...
…who knows who she’s going,and will keep on until she gets there,
who knows not only what she wants from life,
but she has to offer in return.

Here’s to the woman...
…who is loyal to family and friends,who expects no more from others,
than she is willing to give!

Here’s to the woman…
…who gives the gifts of her thoughtfulness
who shows her caring with a word of support,
her understanding with a smile.

A woman who brings joy to others..
                                         Just by being herself!

Alles Gute zum Weltfrauentag an all meine lieben weiblichen Leser! 🙂
Bleibt euch selbst immer treu und verändert euch nicht wegen einem Mann! 😉

Uuuund habt ihr dieses Video schon gesehen? 😀  Dieser Kerl möchte beweisen, dass Männer tatsächlich sofort auf den Hintern von Mädels starren sobald diese „Yoga Pants“ also Leggins oder Tight tragen! Ich musste sooo lachen bis ich mir fast in die Hose machte! Schaut es euch an! 😀

Have you seen this movie? There is a guy who wanted to prove that guys actually can not help but check out a girl wearing ”yoga pants”. So they set up a hidden camera and the guy put on a pair of tights and standing in a parking lot and poking around with his ​​ass and guys watch him! I laughed until I almost peed myself. Look at this :D