Yesterday I got a nice letter from my grandmum and she also sent me an nice article, she thought I’d like! I think it’s really great and true so I’ll share it here too!

The secret of happiness

• Live in the present, live in the moment! You can’t change the past, only accept and learn from it and don’t worry about the future so much!

• Don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone has different goals and his own journey. Compare yourself from the person from yesterday and check your own progress!

• It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge! 90% of our worries are unnecessary, so live more and worry less!

• Accepet what you can’t change, everything can’t be perfect! Happy people learn to accept injustice, but try to change what’s possible!

• Release Hate!

• Be thankful for life and what you have, there’s always someone much more unlucky than you are, just think about it when you feel bad.

• Value friends and family! Positive social connections are important for a happy life.

• Be kind to people and they’ll be nice to you too!

• Follow your own dreams! Take advice but the decisions are up to you, listen to your heart!

• A healthy lifestyle! Nourish your body, wake up early, go outside, explore the world and new things, do sports!