Good morning beautiful world!

Hi!  My name is Klara and I just started blogging.


Let’s introduce myself:
I’m 18 years old and live in Austria. At the moment I’m still going to school and my big passion is Triathlon. I love sports and I train everyday!

On this blog I will post different things. It can be personal and it’ll be about Triathlon, healthy things and I’ll post recipes for my favourite healthy food.

Yesterday for example I had a great competition, but I’ll write about it later in my blog 🙂

Even if I’m Austrian, I’ll write both in English and German. I really like English and it’s great that we have that international language. I also want my international friends to understand, even my grandmum. Hi Grandma, hope you’ll be reading this soon! 😀

I am just a girl who tries to get fit and live healthy. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.
Well, I’ve not always been like that. I used to eat very much unhealty stuff and lots of sweets but I’ve also always liked healthy vegetables and so on, but actually, I really didn’t care what I ate.
Now I realized that I have to fuel my body right and I already feel the difference. It wasn’t that easy at the beginning, but meanwhile I love it because I feel much better and I’ve got much more engergy! 🙂

I hope you’ll like it and if you would like to follow me daily and see my motivational / food / or workout pics you should follow me, at I guess my biggest addiction: Instagram.
My username is klaralaa.