It was raining in the afternoon, so I couldn’t cycle and I’m still not able to run because of my injury, but I needed to do something for my legs, so I went to the gym. I went to the corner where the ’strong‘ guys lift, because it’s where the squat rack is. Anyway after half of my workout a guy, amazed by my technique, came to me and said: „I usually never see girls lifting, why are you doing it?“ This made me laugh and simply answerd: „Why should I NOT lift?“ 😉 And this made him laugh.

So why am I telling you this? Because I think we should get rid of that myth that girls only get bulky and man-looking when they lift weights!
Women don’t have the same testosterone levels to pack on tons of mass. You won’t turn into Hulk overnight.. It takes YEARS of hard work and lots of dedication to your nutrition and workouts to look like a female bodybuilder.
So get out of the cardio corner and don’t be afraid to touch some heavy weights! It’s much more fun, your body will turn into a fatburning machine and you won’t need to call your brother to move a couch anymore, or even have your friend carry your suitcase! 😉

Don’t be afraid and have fun instead!

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