Fly in the water

Those days.. Those days when you just would like to lie in your bed because you are tired, or in a bad mood or unsure about everthing. I was actually in a very good mood in the morning, but after I’ve been at the university I suddenly got so tired and started to question everything; „Is this the right thing? What do I want? I don’t know.. Am I doing anything right at all?“

Then I was on my way to swim practice, tired and very unmotivated to be honest. When I saw how hard the session would be my motivation sank even a little more. I felt tired during the whole warm up, then I don’t know what then happened, but suddenly it made boom and I felt great! I could use my legs again (I can almost stretch my ankle completely again) and I swam faster on the long course today than when I was at my fastest on the short course half a year ago! (When I wasn’t tired) Yej! Can’t wait until my ankle is completely cured! 😀

lisa schwimmen
Picture is from Lisa Nordéns Facebook Page