Hi! This week was just horrible, starting with university work through to a hard workout schedule. I won’t go into details, everyone has bad weeks or bad days, let’s just say doing competetive sports and having an intense study is not an easy combination, but it’s worth it.
Especially hard were the swim sessions this week, mentally and physically. I swam 5 times this week (4-5,5km each) with really hard sets. My shoulders hurt so much and my pace got slower and slower during each workout. My shoulders hurt from swimming and lifing, my legs from running.. I’m so tired, but the problem is that when my body hurt so much, I can’t sleep even if I’m tired.. It took my about 3h to fall asleep yesterday. Anyway I guess my coach knows what he is doing and I already made a huge progress in just the last couple of weeks, but I am really reaaaally looking forward to my recovery week next week! I had almost tears in my eyes when I saw that it’s rest day tomorrow haha 😀 No, just kidding, but it made me really happy 😀
But don’t get me wrong! I love working out, I love Triathlon, but after 3 weeks of hard sessions I am really happy when I get to rest a little 🙂

Later I’m gonna meet one of my best friends again, it’s always good to talk to close people and it makes everything better 🙂


My favourite pool! (50m) That’s where I have practice on mondays and saturdays