Caveman food

I love trying different things, visisting new places and of course trying new food! When we were in Uppsala we went to a Paleo restaurant, called ‚Primaten‘ (primates). The caveman or paleo-diet looks to what humans ate 10 000 years ago – before the agriculturel revolution. So back to the basics, which means: lots of veggies, meat, fish, fruits, nuts, roots.. so no refined sugar, dairy, grains and it’s gluten-free.

The food was really good, fresh and simple. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t follow the paleo-diet, even when it’s really healthy, but I would miss a lot of things like a simple natural (greek) yoghurt or my peanutbutter (peanuts aren’t paleo) and I guess it’s not always easy to eat strict paleo food! Anyway, there’s a nice girl named Emma who has a paleo blog with looots of healthy paleo recipes! Paleo doesn’t look that boring anymore if you take a look at her page, you can find it here: EMMASPALEO.COM