Cardio test

Hi! Today I had a cardio test (lactate test) on the bike in the afternoon which I wasn’t looking forward to. Sitting on a bike, cycling, it’s getting heavier and heavier, more exhausting, you need to push yourself to your maximum until you faint or puke.. Sounds great right?
For that test I needed my pedals I had on my race bike, so I tried to unloose them. I’ve done this once, but I couldn’t remember that it was that hard, or I am not made to be a mechanic, I don’t know. It didn’t work with any of my tools I had at home, so I went to the local bike store to get the right tool. The shop assistant, who didn’t even look like I have ever sat on a bike, gave me tool, he said which is the right one. It didn’t look quite right to me, but I took it with me to try. Of course it didn’t work, so angry and annoyed I went back (with my bike) and told him he should unloose them. It took him a while, but tadaaa, finally I had my pedals! 😀

The cardio test was okay. Lower fatpercentage and weight than last year, but I didn’t feel that strong.. So let’s wait for the results and see how my lactate concentration looks like.