Breathe in the good, exhale the bad

Hi everyone! Ahm.. Remember me? I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but the last week was waaaay too bad and I’m was really busy studying. On monday I had my first exam at the university, I was kinda scared and really nervous and I went there extra early in case I wouldn’t find the right room immediately. So I went to the building where I thought the test should be. I asked a few people for help, if anyone knew where exactly this room was, but no one knew it! Then someone sent me in a whole different direction.. I looked into the room the guy sent me, but there were no computers.. just some students, sitting around in a circle. I knew I was wrong, but I just had to ask. You know where I landed? In a course for sign language! Yeah, well.. almost that maths exam I was searching for haha! I have no idea how it’s possible that things like that always happen to me 😀

Finally, ten minutes too late, I found the right room.. (Of course it was there I first went) I had only ten minutes left to write the exam, help! I tried my best, my hands were shaking! The rest of the day was as bad, actually the next days weren’t that fun at all. I guess everything I touched went wrong!

No I did not feel good at all, but we always learn more from our failure than we will ever learn from success! Things aren’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible.

„Having faith to me means not asking for life to be easier or better, but asking for the strenght to endure even the hardest of times!“

We always know better afterwards, so from know on I try to organise my studies and training schedule better 🙂

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