Back on track

In the mornings this week I practiced for the admission test because I want to study sports science at the university. Some things are very easy for me but on the other hand there are two/three things I still need to practice. There’s one week left, so I’m gonna practice the things I can’t and hope for the best! 😀

My ankle is also getting better, so I tried to run again. It still hurts but it’s okay and not that swollen anymore. When I was in Sweden I had a little pause from all the training, than I got injured so I almost didn’t do anything except for strength training. Yesterday I got back into the water again, after almost 3 weeks! I swam without using my legs (can’t stretch my foot because of my injured ankle), so I really felt like a slow little turtle, lost in the water! 😀


Picture is from Lisa Nordéns Facebook Page