Austrian Championships Wintertriahlon

I’ll make a short english aritcle too. 🙂

Yesterday were the Austrian Championships in Wintertriathlon.
So what’s a Wintertriahlon? It’s not like a normal Triathlon where you swim, bike and run.
First you have to run, then bike and then you have to do crosscountry skiing. (Everything in snow of course 😉 )

The run was very good, but the biking was better! It’s was a dangerous path but I just thought: No risk, no fun! So it was risky and fun! 😀 I cycled like hell on the icey and snowy way and was 1 minute faster than the other girls. But when I wanted to start with the crosscountry skiing, I just couldn’t manage to slip on my skis. It took me a long time until I could start skiing and the other girls already had passed me.
At least I got third and I was very happy though! It was much more important to me to do well at the running and biking part and so did I! 🙂

Training the day before. Yes, it was very cold :D