A healthy lifestyle – According to me

What does a healthy lifestyle mean? Eating veggies all the time, saying goodbye to all the candy and sweets, workout everyday, having the perfect body? Absolutely not!

Living a healthy life (according to me) starts on the inside. It’s much more than just eating healthy food,
For me health is:

  • … to enjoy life, not to stress about too many unnecessary things.
  • … to be happy, to smile, to laugh, to have fun.
  • … to do something with passion, to live with purpose.
  • … to nurish you body, eat good things, fueling your body right.
  • … not to forbid yourself chocolate and candy, it’s a lifestyle and one piece won’t destroy anything!
  • … to move you body, walk, run, lift, dance, swim…
  • … to enjoy the simple things, you don’t need the best things to be happy, happy people just make the best out of everything!
  • … to be thankful, for family, friends, things, life…
  • … to live in the moment, the past is gone, and the future wil come anyway!
  • And most important: Love yourself first! If you’re not happy with something, change it, but if you are not happy with yourself, how should others be happy with you? Start being confident! 🙂